External Software for ProCKSI

(needs to be updated)

Generate the following directories on each compute node to contain important executables:


For the following installation of the ProCKSI server components, the following executables must be present:


The following SCOP databases must present:


Image Software


  • Download !MolScript from the repository.
  • Make sure that the freeglut and freeglut-devel packages are installed.
  • Compile using the Makefile provided for the x32- or x64-architecture.

MolScript needs an X display in order to generate images (jpg, gif, …). Its possible to use the console X display for the OpenGL bits even if it is not logged in. Therefore, procksi must be authenticated and allowed to use this X display virtually.

Get and unpack the ProCKSI x-authentication patch from [repos:Externals/Cluster/xauth.tgz].

On each node copy magic cookie file for x-authentication:

cp :0.Xauth /var/gdm/:0.Xauth

On each node copy scripts for automatic x-authentication:

cp procksixauth /usr/local/sbin/procksixauth
cp :0 /etc/gdm/Init/:0

Restart the X display manager for the changes to take effect:


The virtual X display can be used with unix socket :0, e.g.:

molauto protein.pdb | DISPLAY=unix:0.0 molscript -jpeg -out protein.jpeg

Other Visualisation Software