Mailing Lists

Developers Mailing List


||*Name*          || procksi-develop
||*URL*           ||
||*Availabitlity* || Publicly available for all registered and approved users


This mailing list shall

  • assist all developers in communicating ideas and proposals, discuss them, and agree on a final concept
  • allow supervisors to be kept informed and updated on the latest development
  • replace all 1-to-1 email communication on specific development topics
  • increase productivity and team work, especially in decision making processes

As soon as there is agreement on a specific topic and a final decision has been reached, the outcome is made available here, on ProCKSI's Documentation and Resource
All developers are strongly encouraged to adhere to the final specifications, especially when these describe communication protocols and interfaces between different parts of the system.


Developers are strongly encouraged to participate regularly.

Users Mailing List


||*Name*          || procksi-users
||*URL*           ||
||*Availabitlity* || Not installed yet.