Reporting issues

This page describes how Users can easily manage ProCKSI's issues to:
  • report problems or defects,
  • requesting enhancements or new features
  • ask for support

Create a New Issue now.


Issue description can be easily formatted using the Wiki Syntax.

Issue types

The tracker field describes the nature of an issue.

Bug Anything that does not work as expected
Enhancement An improvement over an existing feature
Feature A new feature that should be added
Task Anything that does not fall into the categories above
Support Request for user support


Describes the importance of the reported issue.

immediate Reduced functionality of parts of the system or the entire system until problem is fixed
urgent Security holes or data loss due to the defect
high Defect with major impact OR big enhancement
normal Defect with normal impact OR medium enhancement
low Defect with minor impact OR small enhancement

Assigning a Priority is optional and does not reflect the order in which the developers deal with the issue.


For Bugs, the corresponding ProCKSI version should be given (where the problem was found).

For Features and Enhancements, the version field should be left blank.