Software Requirements

Operating System

The following software components need to be installed on the master node and/or the slave nodes:

Master Node

||*Operating system* || Centos5 (5.0)
||*Web server*       || Apache2 
||*Database server*  || [[MySQL]]5 (5.0.22)
||*Email server*      || Postfix (SMTP) 
||*Queuing system*      || PBS torque + maui

Slave Nodes

||*Operating system* || Centos5 (RHEL5)
||*Queuing system  * || PBS torque

The configuration for these components will be described later in this installation guide.


Perl 5.8.8 as /usr/bin/perl

Please make sure that the following libraries are installed in the official library directory and install all depending libraries, if necessary. For Image::Magick, use the corresponding libraries that come with the main installation.

||Error|| 0.17008 ||Config::Simple||4.58 ||DBI||1.53||Remember to install DBD::mysql from the OS sources, too! ||CGI||3.25 ||CGI::Session||4.13 ||Data::!FormValidator||4.40 ||HTML::Template||2.8 ||HTML::Template::Pro||0.64 ||MIME::Lite|| ||!FreezeThaw|| ||Storable|| ||Time::Format|| ||IMAP::Client|| ||Time::Local|| ||Clone|| ||SOAP::Lite|| ||Inline::Python|| ||WWW::Mechanize|| ||Archive::Tar::Wrapper||0.12

PERL modules are installed best with the CPAN shell:

perl -MCPAN -eshell