Repository Policy

The ProCKSI respository can only be accessed by designated developers after having logged in.

Repository Overview

The most important sub-repository within the global procksi repository are:
  • ProCKSI
    Current main project, which will be split into the following sub-projects.
  • ProCKSI-Database (to be discussed)
    Will contain the design for the ProCKSI and Protein Multiverse database, and an SQL dump of the database structure including fixed data such as definition for methods, measures, etc. Additionally, it contains the code that should be used by all associated projects in order to access/ammend the database
  • ProCKSI-Server (to be discussed)
    Will contain the specifications and code for the management, front-end and framework components. It will use the ProCKSI-Database and the ProCKSI-Standalone components.
    Other suggestions for labeling this sub-repository: ProCKSI, ProCKSI-Framework
  • ProCKSI-Standalone (to be discussed)
    Will contain the I/O specifications and the code for the ProCKSI and Protein Multiverse standalone "core" application, which can be used separately from the Database and the Server components.
    Other suggestions for labeling this sub-repository: ProCKSI-Lite, ProCKSI-Local, ProCKSI-Engine, ProCKSI-Core
  • ProtCompVNS
    Contains the Maximum Contact Map Overlap code using a Variable Neigbourhood Search
  • Max-CMO_tools
    Contains tools for the visualisation of contact maps, overlaps, ...
  • HyperTree
    Contains the code for the visualisation of Hyperbolic Trees

Each of these sub-repository for code development contains a trunk, tags, branches sub-directory. Please make yourself familiar with the internal SVN repository structure and how to commit code in this document.

Further sub-repositories are:
  • Corporate Design
    Contains all ProCKSI related pictures, documents, ... providing a corporate design
  • Datasets
    Contains standard datasets for protein structure comparison
  • Externals
    Contains third-party software, e.g. similarity comparison methods, OS and cluster software, ...
  • Hardware
    Contains hardware specifications, invoices, ...
  • Publications
    Contains all internal publications (papers, posters, presentations, ...) for protein structure comparison in their original format (PPT, DOC, ...), but packed and compressed in TGZ-format.
    Please make yourself familiar with the Publications Policy before commiting publications to the repository.

Committing Code

When committing your code to the SVN repository, comment your action you are going to perform using the following abbreviations:

Abbreviation Type of Action Description
b Bugfix New code corrects a bug/defect
e Enhancement New code improves an existing feature
f Feature New code implements a new feature
a Administration Perform an administrative task, e.g. renaming files/directories
c Change Perform a general change, which does not fall in any other category

Please refer to the TicketingPolicy on how to handle tickets correctly.
It describes how to reference and even close existing tickets while committing your code.

Committing Publications

When committing publications (paper, posters, presentations, ...) to the repository, please refer to the Publications Policy on how to label them consistently.