URL and Email Forwarding

ProCKSI uses URL and email forwarding in order to provide a stable internet address and corresponding email addresses.


These are data for the domain and email domain provider.

Provider http://theconsole.netregistry.com.au
Login/Password Authentication Data (Restricted Area)

Domain Names

ProCKSI's main domain name is www.procksi.net, which is redirected to procksi.ncl.ac.uk.
All other domain names are redirected to the main domain.

Domain Name Redirected to Expires at
www.procksi.net procksi.ncl.ac.uk 2016-01-11
www.procksi.org www.procksi.net 2016-01-10
www.procksi.com www.procksi.net 2016-01-11
www.procksi.info www.procksi.net 2016-01-10

Email Addresses

The following email addresses in procksi.net domain are redirected to gmail account:

admin @procksi.net
info @procksi.net
webmaster @procksi.net

Domain Usage Monitoring

The usage of ProCKSI's domains is monitored.

Provider www.sitemeter.com
Login/Password Authentication Data (Restricted Area)