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Hidden "Proceed" button is confusing - cannot understand how to submit job

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Hello. I have been trying to understand and evaluate structural alignment servers and software (see my draft article at http://proteopedia.org/wiki/index.php/Structural_alignment_tools). At ProCKSI, I want to find structures most similar to 1fsz:A. I did not register, since it appeared to me that I could try a job without registering. My Session: be01de01619ab68de0bc7245fc3734e2. At Step 1 of 3, I selected "all against target" and "all" (tasks), then clicked the Proceed button. At Step 2 of 3, I entered PDB code 1fsz and clicked the Append button. I then checked 1fsz, selected "first model, first chain" and clicked Execute. Then I could not see how to proceed. I almost gave up. Then I noticed the UNEXPECTED change in the menu under Active Set of Chains. I checked 1fsz chain A, selected Mark as Target, and clicked Execute. Now I cannot see how to proceed. "Submit" is greyed out at the top of the page. In the box that says "proceed to the setup and submit your experiment" there is only a button "Previous". I do not know what "setup" means (I thought I already did it). I am stuck. Please explain to me how to submit this job. Thanks very much, Eric Martz (Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts USA).


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Summary of the problem:
- "all against target" mode might be confused with "1 vs PDB",
- the "Proceed" button does not appear if less than 1 chain is added but without extra description
it looks more like a bug than a feature.

Actions taken:
- the descriptions have been changed/extended to eliminate both sources of confusion

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