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= Ticketing Howto =

This page describes how '''Users''' can easily manage ProCKSI's ticketing system.

General Definitions

=== Ticket Type ===
Describes the '''nature''' of a new ticket.

'''Defect''': Anything that does not work as expected
'''Enhancement''': An improvement over an existing feature
'''Request''': A new feature that should be added
'''Task''': Anything that does not fall into the categories above

=== Priority ===
Describes the '''importance''' of the reported Defect, Enhancement, Request, or Task.

'''blocker''': Reduced functionality of parts of the system or the entire system until problem is fixed
'''critical''': Security breach or severe loss of data due to the defect
'''major''': Defect with major impact '''OR''' big enhancement
'''normal''': Defect with normal impact '''OR''' medium enhancement
'''minor''': Defect with minor impact '''OR''' small enhancement
'''trivial''': Defect with little or no impact '''OR''' cosmetic enhancement

=== Version ===
For '''Defects''', the corresponding '''Version''' should be given where the problem occured the first time.BR
For Requests and Enhancements, the Version field should be left blank.